Learning to Speak

Bridge of Hope studentUnlike most 6-year-old boys, Vaanee couldn’t speak clearly, but his parents had big hopes for him anyway.

Determined to give him an education, they sent him to a government school, which they believed would solve his problem and form him into perfection. But classroom learning didn’t help his speech impediment.

Vaanee’s parents were farmers, and the family lived in a mud house on a small plot of land. They couldn’t afford much to eat, so Vaanee was thin and malnourished. Still, though finances were tight, he at least knew he was loved at home.

At school, however, he felt like an outsider. Vaanee’s classmates ridiculed him, and he found the bullying unbearable. His parents could do nothing to ease his situation. Discouraged and upset, he stopped attending school.

Kindness and Healing

One day, staff from the local Bridge of Hope visited Vaanee and his family to learn about his situation and encourage him to enroll in the center. From Vaanee’s first day there, the staff heartily encouraged him and prayed for his healing. With regular meals, the malnourished boy grew strong, and the teachers helped him improve his skills enough to return to school.

As the staff continued to pray, God helped Vaanee with his speech impediment. Soon people were surprised to find Vaanee speaking as well as any other child.

As Vaanee continues to advance through school, his parents are grateful to Bridge of Hope for giving their son this opportunity, and they look forward to seeing what else God will do in his life.

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