‘Teacher, My Father is Mad!’

Bridge of Hope studentKumar Patel, 9, had recently began attending a Bridge of Hope center in his hometown and was enjoying it. But there was a mystery about Kumar the staff couldn’t solve.

“Where is your father?” one of his teachers asked. “We have never seen him.”

“Teacher,” Kumar replied, “my father is mad. Therefore, he never comes to pick me up.”

The teacher was shocked to learn of the father’s mental illness and passed on word to the center’s director, Davis. Burdened for Kumar’s father, Davis decided to visit the Patel household with a team of believers.

When the Bridge of Hope team arrived, Kumar’s mother began to open up her heart. She explained her husband Ravi’s condition and the battle they have been enduring together as a family.

She tearfully explained, “For the last three years we have been struggling because of my husband’s mental illness. Because of that, we did not send Kumar to school. But now, because of the Bridge of Hope center, his education is taken care of, but my husband’s problem is still continuing. We have spent all we had on his treatment. Now we do not know what to do next!”

The family tried everything from hospitals and medicine to witchdoctors and religious shrines to get Ravi cured. The failed efforts only left them broke and hopeless.

With understanding, Davis shared the Good News with the entire family. He told Kumar’s mother about the power of Jesus Christ over sickness and offered to pray. After the entire team prayed for Ravi, Davis invited the family to attend the local church.

When the family came to a Sunday service, they heard about the love of God from Pastor Shivanker, who prayed for healing of Ravi’s mental illness. Miraculously, God gradually healed him completely.

After Ravi’s restoration, the family threw away all their old idols. They have experienced restoration in their lives, and changed their entire perspective on Christ, choosing to follow Him.

See how Bridge of Hope Centers are transforming the lives of so many precious children.

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