Rejected by Family, Embraced by Church misunderstandings between Tajdar and his family members added to the stress that was already overwhelming him. The financial crisis Tajdar found himself in was too much to bear. As pressure mounted, he gradually lost the ability to think clearly.

Three years later and far from his home, Tajdar was found crouched in the corner of a shed as rain poured outside. His life had become one of involuntary solitude after he suffered a mental breakdown. His family members said he had gone mad; he was rejected by them and the entire community. No one would come near him.

When another man ran into Tajdar’s shed during the downpour, it was surprising not simply because of his presence, but because he started a conversation. After a little coaxing from the man, Tajdar was able to share what was going on in his heart for the first time in years. The man listened as Tajdar described the pain he’d been enduring since his family had disowned him.

“Who are you?” Tajdar asked the man, “and why are you worrying about me?”

The man explained he was a servant of God. The Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor had gotten caught in the rainstorm while distributing Gospel literature and had run to the shed for shelter.

“There is a God who loves you,” Pastor Muni told Tajdar, “and He even gave his life for you.”

Pastor Muni prayed for Tajdar and invited him to a worship service at his church. When Tajdar began attending the church services, the believers were quick to lovingly embrace him, unlike anyone else had done in the past few years.

They gave Tajdar basic items like food and clothing, but more than that, they encouraged him with God’s Word, which greatly strengthened his faith.

“I am thankful to God and the pastor for helping me come out of my lost condition,” said Tajdar of the new life he has found in the Lord.


See how God uses national missionaries in powerful ways.


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