Water Filter Leads to Son’s Healing

National Missionary Prays for Man's SonNetravati was one of 80 people who had gathered to receive a BioSand water filter from the local Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor, Balendu. Because water in South Asia is often unsafe to drink, water filters are highly necessary and valued.

Although Netravati had primarily gone to the program with the hope of receiving a water filter, he found himself standing up when Pastor Balendu asked for those who had a problem or an incurable disease to come forward for prayer.

Netravati did not want prayer for himself, but for his 21-year-old son, Omkar, who had been suffering from a severe skin disease for eight years. Netravati had taken his son to see several doctors over the years, but none of them could offer a cure.

Being a religious family, Netravati and his wife encouraged their son to have a strong faith in traditional gods and goddesses. Omkar often visited the temple to offer prayers to their deities. As time went on, even for all the family’s efforts, Omkar’s skin disease only got worse.

When Netravati came forward at the water filter distribution program, Pastor Balendu and the other staff members prayed for Omkar. Netravati also invited the pastor to his home to pray for Omkar, and Pastor Balendu gladly accepted.

The next day, Pastor Balendu and a group of believers went to Netravati’s home, asked God to heal Omkar and encouraged the family with God’s Word. Omkar was comforted after his time with the believers.

The family started to attend prayer meetings at the church twice a week, and after two months of praying, Omkar was completely healed of his skin disease. Seeing God’s power through the healing, Omkar and his family members each made the decision to follow Christ.

At the distribution two months earlier, Netravati received much more than a water filter for his family; he was given the opportunity to embrace the one true God who hears and answers prayers.

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