Curse Torments Family for 52 Years

RT11-02540-bParnal’s family had been under a curse for twice as long as she had been alive. Roughly half a century earlier, someone had cast a spell on the 23-year-old’s relatives, and every year since then, a member of Parnal’s extended family died.

Parnal and her family were devoted to their religion and consulted many witchdoctors and spiritual leaders for guidance. The family tried everything they could to rid themselves of the burden of the curse, but nothing helped.

One day Gospel for Asia (GFA) Bible college students Sahil, Manish and Ajay came to Parnal’s village for their month-long internship with the local pastor Bhima. As part of their regular ministry, the students visited Parnal’s home, sharing stories of Jesus’ miracles with her and praying for her. But the day after the visit, Parnal became very sick.

The evil spirit that had been torturing Parnal’s family for 52 years had now entered her body. Would she be the next one to die?

A Spiritual Inheritance

A family of believers told Sahil, Manish and Ajay about Parnal’s poor health and asked them to visit her again. The students and Pastor Bhima returned immediately, and as they prayed for her, she began to scream and dance. Neighbors gathered to laugh and make fun of the men as they prayed for Parnal.

Although the crowd was growing larger and louder, Sahil, Manish, Ajay and Pastor Bhima continued fervently to ask the Lord to release Parnal from the enemy’s stronghold. For five hours they prayed as Parnal wept. At last, the spirit released her. But it returned later, even more violent than before.

Delivered a Second Time

Parnal would later describe the second attack like someone beating her. Her parents could not control her. The students and pastor once again prayed for her, and finally God delivered her once and for all.

The villagers who had mocked the believers began to deeply respect them after seeing how the Lord was the only One strong enough to break the curse that had gripped the family for so long. Parnal and her family members all decided to follow Jesus.

Parnal is free from the burden of the curse she had been carrying and now desires to honor God with her life. The Lord used the Bible college students, Pastor Bhima and the restoration of Parnal and her family to open many hearts in this village to His great love.


See how you can pray for Bible college students like Sahil, Manish and Ajay.

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  1. Sheila

    Praise God! There is nothing too difficult for our God!!!!

  2. Annie Register

    What a wonderful thing these students are doing, God Bless them and the people they are trying to turn to our wonderful TRUE God, the One & Only God!

  3. stef

    Amazing. God is truly great.

  4. q

    God is great! Thank you Jesus!

  5. raghna

    amen, that’s our God a GREAT DELIVERER

  6. Xuyen Ho

    Hallelujah! Praise to the LORD of LOVE!

  7. Camille

    God is Awesome.

  8. Jill

    Praise You the One and Only True God!!!!!!!! You are SOOOOO Awesome!!!!!! Amen Amen & Amen………….

  9. Louise

    Indeed, who can compare to a God like ours. May he continue granting power to these students and pastors so that His name may be glorified.

  10. Victoria

    Hallelujah! The blessing of the Lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrow-prov.10:22. God that delivered our sister will make it permanent, as a testimony to all those around her, in Jesus’ name.

  11. Noluthando Edith

    Stay strong no matter what people say, God is with them wherever they go. Keep it up the soldiers of Christ. God will never leave you nor forsake you.

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