‘It Was God’s Perfect Plan for Me’

http://gospelforasia-reports.org/?p=3080At only 16 years old, Kina was already separated from a cheating husband and the disgrace of the whole village. She had been wed to a man who was secretly married to another woman already. His parents had gone along with their son, hiding the matter until Kina moved in with them.

Her new husband didn’t care about her at all. Kina’s parents urged her husband to try to make the new marriage work, but he refused. After a few months of hostility from her new family, Kina moved back into her parents’ home.

Being back at her old home did not bring the peace Kina was searching for. Her neighbors and relatives mocked her because of the failed marriage, adding more pain to her already hurting heart.

In the midst of Kina’s turmoil, Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Siddha visited Kina and her family. He shared the message of Jesus’ love and mercy with the family, and though they were skeptical at first, they soon found peace in Jesus.

Kina’s brokenness led her to spend time alone with the Lord. Through her mourning, she found peace in God’s very real presence. Eventually His love helped her forget the pain of her past.

Although seeing her brother and seven sisters settled in marriages sometimes reminded her of the things she had been through, she did not stop pursuing the Lord and found sweet joy in Him.

After she completed high school, Kina began to ask God to provide a job for her so she could help support her parents. When He gave her steady employment at the local hospital, Kina testified of His grace and faithfulness.

“I did not even train as a nurse, yet God prepared a way for me to join this hospital, so I am learning nursing while doing this part time job which will be a great blessing to me in the future.”

Kina’s desire to seek God above all else is an encouragement to the men and women, and especially young girls, of her church.

“I will live for the adoration of God’s name,” Kina says. “I love my Lord Jesus. I don’t know if I had lived with my husband, if I would have come to know Christ. It was God’s perfect plan for me to bring me into His family.”


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