125 Families Desperate for Water

Couple at Well - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanIn a small South Asian village, both believers and those who follow traditional Asian religions had one thing in common—a desperate need for clean drinking water.

The local government had provided a well for the community, but the extreme heat of the summer quickly dried up any water the small pump had been able to produce.

“We tried our best and talked with the head of the village, but he did not listen to us,” one villager said. “We were getting our water from the irrigation system, which was not good for us but we had to take it.”

After these villagers were denied any more help from the village leaders, the Christians in the community told their pastor, who lives in another village, about the seriousness of the water scarcity.

Pastor Vikranta first encouraged his congregation to ask the Lord to provide the water they needed. He then approached his leaders about the problem, and they quickly responded by installing a Jesus Well in the village.

The well gives 125 families fresh and safe water to drink every day. Several have been moved by the church’s act of compassion, and the pastor now has new opportunities to share with people about the love of Christ. Many people, curious about the Bible verse on the plaque by the well, ask Pastor Vikranta themselves about Christ.

“I am thankful … to the church for providing a Jesus Well,” Lalit, a villager said. “I had been drinking foul smelling water. But by God’s grace, today I can get safe drinking water anytime.”


Watch this photo show to see the huge impact clean water has on South Asian villages.

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