Missionary Shares Christ’s Hope with Grieving Father

A national missionary reached out to himIt was not without reason that Jamin’s life was characterized by fear. Two of his sons had been killed, and he had been helpless to prevent their deaths.

Now the heavy-hearted father watched as his remaining two children suffered in different and painful ways. His son was so sick he wasn’t able to eat anything, and his daughter was under the control of a demon.

When Sujan, a Gospel for Asia (GFA) Bible college student, met Jamin during one of his routine visits throughout the community, it did not take long for the hurting man to share his troubles with Sujan.

Although Sujan did not yet have years of experience on the field, he did have an undeniable passion for Christ, and he shared the Good News of Jesus with whomever he could. Jamin was no exception.

Jamin was intrigued by the peace of Jesus the young missionary talked about. Encouraged at the thought that he could have this peace too, he asked Sujan to come to his home and pray for his son and daughter. Sujan prayed for the children and rebuked Satan in the name of Jesus.

“If you believe in Jesus Christ, you and your family will be saved,” Sujan said to Jamin. “Satan cannot touch your family members.”

And Sujan’s words proved true—God released Jamin’s family from the grip of the enemy. Jamin trusted Jesus and experienced the deep joy and peace Sujan had spoken of the day the men met.

What started out as a four-month internship for Sujan turned into his full-time ministry after he graduated from Bible college. Many other members of the village have come to know Christ along with Jamin, and they are praying for a church building because the congregation is continuing to grow!

See how you can pray for Bible college graduates like Sujan.

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  1. Sandra Hould

    May God bless Sujan’s ministry, Jamin and his family as well as their community. May many other people find Christ and may they be blessed.

  2. Annie

    Praise God!..All you have to do is believe, accept God and His wonderful son Jesus Christ, and by His stripes, we ARE healed!

  3. Lisa

    amen i am thankful that his faith in jesus delivering power was victorious over satan.

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