Sleeping in Heavenly Peace

A national missionary gave him a BiblePaulos tucked his Bible under his pillow and lay down to sleep with confidence. It may not be a big deal to others, but he doesn’t take peaceful sleep for granted.

It wasn’t long ago that nightmares plagued Paulos. Every night, he’d wake up screaming. He was even afraid to sleep alone, so he’d spend some nights at friends’ homes. His friends didn’t let him make that a habit, though. After hearing Paulos’ constant screaming and talking in his sleep, they didn’t let him stay long.

Desperate for a Friend

Paulos felt rejected and had no one to share his problems with. His father had died when he was young, and his mother had her own problems living with the debilitating disease of leprosy. Paulos desperately needed solace and help.

This need was met unexpectedly when Gospel for Asia (GFA) missionary Manaar found him, and they started to talk.

Manaar and the Women’s Fellowship team that accompanied him with him could see Paulos was troubled. They listened to the teenager pour out his story of need, and they prayed together for him as well as for his mother.

“I have never felt this feeling before,” Paulos said. “I feel peace inside me, and I will continue to ask Jesus to fill me with this peace.”

Finding the Father

Paulos started to attend Manaar’s church, and he learned more about the love of Christ. He chose to receive Him as his Savior. And soon, his mother chose to follow the Lord too.

Manaar’s team had left Paulos with a New Testament. Although Paulos couldn’t read it very well at all, he knew it was the Word of God. He tucked it under his pillow when he went to sleep, and his nightmares miraculously stopped.

The Lord’s power had delivered Paulos and filled him and his mother with joy.

They give more than a sound night’s sleep. See the difference a Bible can make in someone’s life.

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