15 Years of Pain

Healed woman36-year-old Rashi had suffered continuous pain in her body for more than a decade. None of the medicine she took healed her as, day after day, each part of her body caused her unbearable discomfort.

Then one day, Rashi met Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Lakshan while he was doing ministry in her village.

Pastor Lakshan shared the love of Christ with the hurting woman, and she was eager to hear more and understand the things he shared. Lakshan explained how Jesus died on the cross to save all humanity, including Rashi, from sin.

She explained to Pastor Lakshan the pain she had endured for so many years.

“Can Christ Jesus do what I am expecting from Him?” Rashi asked Pastor Lakshan.

“Yes,” Lakshan responded. “Let us pray to God Almighty, who hears the prayer of those who call upon Him and heals them.”

After a few days of prayer, the debilitating pain in Rashi’s body was completely gone. Finally, 15 years of daily physical agony was over. After experiencing the miracle of Jesus in her life, Rashi’s faith in Him grew. Filled with strong love for the Lord, she decided to follow Him.

Still motivated by love, Rashi attends worship services and prayer meetings whenever she is able—so that day or night, she can learn more about her Savior.

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