The Difference One Bike Can Make

BicycleWalking for five hours is not most people’s idea of fun. Add rutted dirt roads crowded with animals, bicycles, carts and honking vehicles, and the walk becomes even more challenging. Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Purnendu Dawadi knows this well.

Eight years ago, Purnendu attended a conference where he first heard about Christ. His life radically changed after that. For the next year, he faithfully attended the worship services at his local church, and then he decided to study at a local Bible college. Once Purnendu completed his course, he was ready for whatever the Lord called him to next.

Called to Serve as a Missionary

In 2008, Purnendu was assigned to minister in the village the Lord had laid on his heart. Christ was his strength as he labored hard to share Christ’s love. In a short amount of time, he was able to start a fellowship. Two years later, Purnendu’s leaders told him he was needed to pastor in another region. He left immediately and soon found himself leading a congregation made up of 55 believers and three other mission stations—with 45 believers in total.

All three of the stations are approximately 15 miles from his home. Purnendu had to walk hours at a time to minister to the believers and conduct worship services at each place. The time spent traveling made it very challenging for Purnendu to spend lengthy amounts of time in any of the villages.

“Earlier, I used to limit my travel [because] no means of transportation was [available].” Pastor Purnendu said.

Bicycle Takes God’s Love Farther

Seeing Pastor Purnendu’s need, Gospel for Asia (GFA) provided him with a bicycle to help him in his ministry. Because of the bicycle, Purnendu is able to minister much more efficiently. He can even take his wife with him to the services, as they are both able to ride on the bicycle.

Having a bicycle has also opened the doors for Purnendu to expand his outreach to villages where people have never heard of Christ or the love He has for them.

“I do not have enough words to express my heartfelt gratitude toward God’s servants who have . . . provided me with this wonderful means to do more work in the vineyard of the Lord,” Pastor Purnendu said.

Watch a photoshow about how nine missionaries are using three bicycles to reach the lost.

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  1. Terence

    I pray that God will Bless Purnendu and give the Power of the Holy Spirit to do God’s work in his life, I have been in this same situation when I was serving God in Sri Lanka, walking for miles Cycling for miles in the rain and hot sun and today God has Blessed me and I am in Canada, so do not worry my Brother Christ is with you and he will Bless you abundantly. God Bless You.

  2. Lisa

    I feel as though this story came into my life for such a great reason. Unlike the wonderful Pastor, I am not ministering to villages, but I recently was blessed with a job, after a very long search. It’s a little bit of a distance and I started to think ‘oh, just forget it, I limp on my right leg, it’s too far, I just can’t do it’. Then your email regarding Pastor Pernendu arrived, at exactly the time when I was about to give up. And I realized that Our Lord Jesus will see to it that I get to where I have to go, just like Pastor Pernendu. What a positively uplifting story, and I pray that God bless the Pastor and his family to keep spreading His Word and love, and thank you so much to Gospel For Asia for being one of God’s vessels. Bless you all

  3. Colleen

    Thank you for being Gods embassador.
    Yours in Christ, Colleen (Australia).

  4. Julie

    Yes God!!!!
    Do it again!
    Abba is so great in all of his ways!!
    I am rejoicing today and always!
    Thank you Jesus for these precious lives and souls that are loving you and loving other people!!!!!

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