A Future Doctor without a Cure

A national missionary prayed for Sachetan's healingSachetan was the pride of his family, the oldest son, academically brilliant—and possessed by an evil spirit.

The 20-year-old student’s parents, Udyam and Wajeeha, had planned to send him to medical school to become a doctor. Their plans were going well, until the day a demon entered Sachetan.

Udyam and Wajeeha took Sachetan many places for treatments, especially to local priests. As faithful followers of their traditional religion, they thought animals’ sacrifices might cure Sachetan, but nothing could relieve their son’s torment. Sachetan alternated between screaming and lying unconscious for hours.

With his promising studies thrown to the wayside, Sachetan suffered for seven months. His parents even became desperate enough to ask the Christians in their area to pray for deliverance. When two Gospel for Asia (GFA) missionaries came to their village, Udyam pleaded with them to pray for his son, too.

Three Days to Deliverance

Udyam, told Gospel for Asia (GFA) missionaries Oni and Naham about his son’s troubles and the lengths they had gone to in finding a cure.

“I will follow Christ if your prayer heals him,” Udyam said. “I tried sacrifices and spent half of my wealth [on treatments].”

Oni and Naham accepted the request, but they decided to do more than pray. The missionaries stayed with the family for the next three days, interceding for Sachetan and encouraging the family from the Bible.

Finally, God delivered Sachetan. His parents were thrilled to see the transformation, and the whole family decided to follow Christ.

“From now on, I will believe your God and will call [for] worship in our house,” Udyam said.

Oni began a fellowship in the family’s home, continuing to share about Jesus Christ with them and any interested neighbors. Meanwhile, Sachetan has a bright future again, but this time it isn’t dependent on his hard work, but on the boundless mercy of his God.

See how God used hardship in another village to bring people to Himself.

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