Goat Pays Off Family’s Debt

Woman with goat - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanGunavati and her husband Mahin were blessed with a son and then a daughter-in-law and three granddaughters. However, their growing family was both a blessing and a hardship.

Despite Gunavati’s hard work in the fields and Mahin’s small tea shop business, it was difficult to provide for everyone’s needs.

Like the other families in the community, Gunavati and Mahin worshiped their own personal deity. They followed the rituals and customs of their personal goddess very carefully, hoping their obedience would bring some peace to the family. The family also worshiped many other gods and goddesses, but the peace they longed for did not come.

Because of the family’s poverty, problems constantly arose. Eventually, Gunavati and Mahin took out a loan because of the financial pressure they were under. How they would ever be able pay back the loan was another problem altogether.

An Unlikely Solution

Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor, Rochan, ministered in Gunavati and Mahin’s community. Despite the fact that he could not find a single believer in the area, Rochan enthusiastically pressed on in his work for the Lord. He shared Gospel literature, visited people in their homes and started prayer meetings.

Pastor Rochan saw the hopelessness Gunavati and Mahin’s family was living in, and he suggested to his leaders that they receive a gift at the upcoming Christmas distribution ceremony.

When the ceremony arrived, the family was given a goat. The gift of that animal was the beginning of provision for the family, as well as the beginning of a relationship with Pastor Rochan, who continually shared the love of Christ with them.

When the goat started having kids, Gunavati was eager to give one of them to Rochan to show her family’s deep gratitude to him and the church. Along with being able to show their appreciation to Pastor Rochan, Gunavati and Mahin were also able to pay off their debt by selling three of the kids.

Gunavati, her daughter-in-law and her granddaughters all participate in the church activities and have been growing in their relationships with God, who they now know is the ultimate provider for all their needs.


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