Greatest Wish is to Read

Women's literacy classes - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanSiddhi was grateful she could attend her local church and hear the Bible being taught, but the thought of reading the Word for herself consumed her. Only one thing was standing in her way—Siddhi didn’t know how to read.

Only 65 percent of women in South Asia know how to read, so being a 45-year-old who couldn’t read was not so uncommon. Yet Siddhi kept quiet about her dream of being able to read. After all, nobody could help her, and she was ashamed to admit her inability.

Classes Give Opportunity to Learn

One day, Siddhi heard news that the local Gospel for Asia (GFA) Women’s Fellowship was going to start a literacy class for the women of the village. Excitement welled within her as she headed toward her first class. Finally, her dream would be realized.

When she began the classes, Siddhi didn’t know even a single letter of the alphabet, but that quickly changed. The classes were held twice a month, and she attended faithfully. Any spare time Siddhi had at home was devoted to learning the alphabet and practicing her reading.

Within just a few months, Siddhi was able to write her name and read a few sentences from the Bible. After memorizing John 3:16, she was able to write the whole verse without any mistakes.

Joyfully Reading on Her Own

Siddhi is so thankful to the Women’s Fellowship for giving her the necessary tools to see her dream become a reality. She is still studying and working hard, in hopes that one day, she will be able to read the Bible effortlessly and dig out the spiritual truths for herself.

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