A Mother Eager To Learn

Marya is so happy to be able to read - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanMarya longed to help her five children in their studies so they could succeed in life, but there was just one problem: She couldn’t read.

Marya could look after the children, take care of the house and even help her husband, Ravi, in the fields, but when it came to her children’s studies, she had nothing to offer. Marya had never been to school in her life.

When Ravi read the newspaper, Marya would ask him what was written, but she wanted to be able to read the full paper for herself.

Marya also wanted to study Scripture. At church on Sundays, the pastor would refer to the Bible, but she could only listen to what he taught. It always left her dissatisfied.

A Long Awaited Opportunity

After years without any opportunities to learn, Marya finally got her chance. She learned of a women’s literacy program at a local Gospel for Asia (GFA) Women’s Fellowship. With the support and encouragement of her husband, Marya enrolled in the class and began regularly attending the weekly meetings.

Marya was attentive to her studies each day, putting in extra time and effort at home and memorizing letters by writing them down.

Marya depended on the Lord, praying and fasting that He would give her wisdom to learn—and He did! Marya learned to read and write the alphabet, and eventually, she was able to read and memorize John 3:16. When she recited the verse before her class, her improvement encouraged the other five women to give their best too.

“When I was able to read by myself for the first time, I felt very excited, as if I were the only person in the world who could read,” shared Marya. “Praise the Lord! I can read and write. I wanted to read more, and I am thankful to Women’s Fellowship for helping me to read and write.”

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