How a Young Woman Unlocked the Greatest Treasure

Treasure Through a Literacy ClassBelow is the story of how a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported literacy class impacted the life of Soorat, 22.

I have a father, mother, one sister and two younger brothers. My father is a laborer, and my mother is a housewife. Due to financial difficulty, I was not able to go to school. I was involved in household chores.

My father was a drunkard. After drinking, he used to come home and quarrel with my mother.  All the money he earned was spent on drinking liquor. There was no peace in our family.

Sometimes, I used to see Pastor Paul [the local Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor] and his wife coming to our neighbor’s home [to] pray at their home. One day, I called them [over to] my home, and they both prayed for me and my family. During the prayer, we all felt peace in our hearts. The pastor also shared the Good News and invited us to the church. Gradually, I started to go to the church and started to trust in Jesus Christ. …

A great desire grew in my heart to know more about Jesus. But without reading the Bible, I could not know more about Jesus.

The pastor’s wife told me about a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported literacy class. I decided to join the class just to learn how to read and write. I started to attend literacy class regularly. … Pastor Paul conducts literacy classes in two villages; one has three members and the other has four members. We were all given Bibles.

When I started to come to this class, I did not know anything, but I trusted in Jesus. Always, before I sat in the class, I prayed to God for His help. After three months, God Almighty enabled me to read the Bible well. I am also able to write.  During the course of time, I came to know more about Christ.

As Soorat read God’s Word and learned more about Him through the literacy class, she decided to walk with Christ and unlocked the treasure of knowing Him more. In addition, her mother and older sister also put their trust in the Lord, and now they’re joining Soorat weekly to worship the Lord at the local fellowship.

Thousands of women like Soorat have learned life-changing skills through Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported literacy classes. These skills are not only empowering women to walk in society with greater confidence and influence but also helping them to grasp the privilege of learning God’s Word.

See how one of the first Gospel for Asia-supported literacy classes started.

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  1. Carlos

    Praying for Soorat’s dad, that he may also encounter God and be set free from alcoholism.

  2. Harold

    I know the hardship of having an alcoholic Father, I also know the power of Christ to change people. My Father is gone now, but I know I will see him again, in Heaven.

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