Nightmares, a Missionary and a Sewing Machine

Sewing machine - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanJatan wanted to give his wife and two children a good life, so he moved them to a big city where he thought he could find better work. Unfortunately, his new job didn’t bring in the income the family needed.

Jatan hoped his wife, Menaka, could help him earn some extra money, but this seemed nearly impossible because she wasn’t highly educated and her health was very poor.

There seemed to be no reprieve for Menaka and Jatan, not even while they slept. Every night, they were tormented by nightmares of evil spirits with murderous intentions. Even during the day, Menaka was haunted by the demons when she closed her eyes to rest.

Gripped by fear, the couple spent what little money they had on witch doctors in hopes of being released from their devilish nightmares, but the vivid dreams continued to haunt them.

Sorrow Turned into Joy

One day, however, a local believer named Raj met Jatan and Menaka and shared the Good News of Jesus with them. Raj introduced the couple to his pastor, Gospel for Asia (GFA) missionary Chintak, who also began to encourage them with the Word. He invited them to church and he prayed faithfully for them.

Gradually, Jatan and Menaka’s nightmares stopped, and they were delivered from the bondage of the evil spirits.

Now free in the Lord, their inner lives changed drastically. But Jatan still wondered how he would provide for his family.

What if I got into an accident and died? he sometimes thought. Who would look after my family?

It was around this time that Jatan and Menaka’s church organized a Christmas gift distribution. There, Menaka was given a gift that would enable her to help Jatan provide for their family: a sewing machine.

After taking some tailoring classes, Menaka was able to stitch clothes and help support her family.

“I am so thankful to my pastor and the church leaders for providing me with this sewing machine,” Menaka said. “It has turned our sorrow into a new joy.”


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  1. ahmet

    Oh Lord, set more families free in Jesus’ Name! May all those that worship demons and idols find the TRUTH of Jesus Christ!

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