AIDS Awareness Efforts

World AIDS Day

Gospel for Asia (GFA) staff members made every effort to reach out to and educate their communities on World AIDS Day on December 1.

Bible college students, ladies from Women’s Fellowships and even Bridge of Hope children and their families gathered together to raise awareness about the disease. Their efforts included rallies, conversations about disease prevention, personal counseling and distribution of materials that discourage the spread of the disease.

Message of Hope from Pastors and Missionaries

Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Naajy reminded his fellow workers to love others the same way Jesus loves them. He spoke about how God has created every man and woman in His own image, and that they are servants of God who should show love toward AIDS victims.

Another pastor, Wajid, shared encouraging words with a group that had gathered for a rally in his city. He urged every citizen to help those who suffer from the destructive disease and to accept and pray for them.

A Women’s Fellowship team went to a remote village to hold an awareness rally. Because the villagers had never seen a rally before, they came out of their homes to see what was happening. Among the 350 men and women in attendance, most of them were illiterate and had not yet heard about AIDS. The women’s team explained the disease and how to prevent it.

Communities Respond with Thankfulness

The local people were very responsive to the rallies and awareness programs. One family, who was on their way to a party, stopped their car to thank the staff members for doing such a helpful thing for the community.

The family was bringing dessert to the party but decided to give it to the church members instead, to show their appreciation.

“You are doing a wonderful thing,” the family said. “To the betterment of the society.”

See how a group of women shared the love of Jesus with AIDS patients.

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