‘Love Gives Care’

Love Gives Care - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanHuddled in the cold at an old bus station, Paavai heard someone approaching and prepared to be chased away. She didn’t have anywhere else to go, but she knew the rule of the area: Beggars, like her, weren’t allowed to stay in the streets—even if chasing them away only meant moving them somewhere else.

To her surprise, however, Paavai looked up to find, not a police officer, but a kind-looking pastor.

“Jesus is there to care for you,” Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Taraksh said as he covered the elderly woman with a new blanket.

Throughout the afternoon, Pastor Taraksh and Bible college students went to the train station, bus stations and various markets to give 50 blankets to people sleeping on the roadside. As the people received the unexpected show of love, many began to cry.

“It was beyond their imagination that someone could give such costly blankets. … It was a great opportunity to show them the love of Jesus by giving and caring for them,” said Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported correspondent Qutub Tak.

Pastor Taraksh and the students pray that through this opportunity, all 50 blanket recipients will know the love of Jesus Christ.

“Because of Jesus’ love, we can love others,” Pastor Taraksh said. “Love gives care.”

Read the firsthand account of a correspondent who distributed blankets earlier this year.

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