‘What Do You Mean By “Servant of God?'”

A national missionary reached out to NachniAs an elderly woman, Nachni had been left by her grown sons after their marriages. Her husband, Raahi, was constantly sick, leaving her to be the breadwinner of the family. And her debt was growing with no end in sight. Still, if someone indicated that her gods were less than able to provide for her, she would fervently defend her deities.

For Nachni, religion was much more than a cultural custom or tradition. Every morning and evening, she went to the temple in front of her house and bowed down to the figures of her gods and goddesses. The rest of the day, she did her best to live according to her religion’s teachings. Yet in spite of her deep devotion, Nachni felt no peace or joy.

In addition to supporting herself and Raahi financially, Nachni was her husband’s only caretaker. Exhausted, she sought the help of medical doctors and witch doctors. She performed rituals and offered animal sacrifices. Still, Raahi remained the same.

Twice, the pressure felt so great to Nachni that she tried committing suicide, but each time, her husband rescued her from her own hand. Nachni had no escape.

An Offer of Hope

In the midst of Nachni’s despair, a Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor, Iham, visited her village. When he came to the door and gave her Gospel literature, she took it even though she didn’t know how to read. Then she asked the pastor about his family and occupation.

Pastor Iham told Nachni he was a servant of God.

“What do you mean by ‘servant of God?’” Nachni asked.

“I comfort people by sharing God’s Word,” Pastor Iham said, “so that people who live with sorrow and pain may keep their hope in Him.”

At this, Nachni began to share her own problems: the poverty, her husband’s sickness, her attempted suicides. Bringing Raahi into the conversation, Pastor Iham prayed for the couple and shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with them. As Pastor Iham spoke, Nachni and Raahi began to feel peace in their hearts, and they asked him to come again to hold a prayer meeting.

Peace and Joy Amid Hardship

The next day, Pastor Iham returned with some other believers, and as the believers worshiped, Nachni and Raahi felt the Lord’s touch. In an instant, Raahi was completely healed.

The church is an hour’s walk away, but from then on, Nachni and Raahi began attending regularly. Pastor Iham also continued visiting them often, praying and teaching them from the Bible, and soon, they began to trust Jesus Christ.

Now, at 70 and 71 years old, Nachni and Raahi are full of peace and joy. Despite the hardships they still face, they have told everyone in the village how gracious the Lord has been to them. They pray they will continue to draw nearer to Him each day.

How can you be a part of giving life, peace and joy to people like Nachni and Raahi? Find out!

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  1. John

    I enjoyed to hear about God healing and setting people free from every type of sickness and desease and torment like in BiBle days when Jesus was on Earth and to know that everything that Jesus did then he is still doing through those of his disciples today

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