Paralyzed Woman, Blind Child, Loving God

Woman in tea gardenAs a daily wage laborer, Vagdevi didn’t have many resources available to get justice from her child’s father. But after all she had been through, she was ready to stand her ground.

Vagdevi’s brother died at the age of 21, leaving her mother mentally disturbed ever since. It was then that Vagdevi took on the responsibility of caring for her mother. She also stepped up to help provide for the family by getting a job with her father in the tea fields. There, she met Sagar.

Sagar was an attractive man who also worked in the tea fields, and he and Vagdevi began a passionate romance. When Vagdevi became pregnant, it seemed she and Sagar had the beginnings of a beautiful, happy family, but nine months later, Sagar broke up with Vagdevi. Their child had been born blind, and Sagar wanted nothing to do with the baby—or Vagdevi.

Even if Sagar didn’t love their daughter, though, he still owed her support. Vagdevi filed a complaint with the police and spent large amounts of money to get justice for their child, but Sagar escaped. Despite her resolve, Vagdevi was left to care for their child on her own. It wasn’t long before another crisis came along.

Three Generations of Handicapped Women

Vagdevi was working in the fields when she suddenly fell to the ground. She tried to get up, but her legs wouldn’t move. She was carried home, and her 65-year-old father became sole provider and caretaker for his mentally ill wife, paralyzed daughter and blind granddaughter.

None of the family’s friends or relatives came to help or even visit as the three generations struggled for survival. Vagdevi despaired at her inability to care for her mother or daughter.

One day, however, a stranger passed by the house and noticed Vagdevi’s predicament. Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Talaketu gave Vagdevi a piece of literature and shared the Good News of Jesus Christ. As he spoke, Vagdevi began to cry.

Was there truly a God who loved her so much? If so, she wanted to know Him.

Beginning and Ending with Jesus

Vagdevi embraced the Lord and started studying the Bible. Due to her paralysis, she was unable to attend church, so Pastor Talaketu continued visiting the family and teaching them from the Bible.

For the most part, the family’s problems are still the same—bad health, rocky finances, an absentee father—but these days, Vagdevi isn’t worried about those things. She begins her day with prayer and ends it thanking Jesus. Even when the men in her life can’t or won’t provide, she knows her God always will.

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