Though Her Parents Aren’t with Her

A Bridge of Hope studentMalsa was came from a large Christian family with four older sisters and brothers and one younger brother, but she didn’t grow up knowing the joy of a bustling house full of love and silly arguments.

Her father died when she was two years old, and because her mother didn’t know how to care for six children on her own, Malsa’s grandparents took her away to live with them. They provided Malsa with an education, but the girl still struggled with her grades. It only added to her disappointment at not getting to stay with her mother and younger brother.

Malsa’s grandparents didn’t know how to encourage or comfort her, but in 2011, a Gospel for Asia (GFA) Bridge of Hope center opened in their village, and Malsa got to enroll. Soon, her grades began to improve, and even though her mother was still far away, she began to feel joy.

After a year in the community, the Bridge of Hope staff decided to hold a camp so children could learn English and Bible songs, skits and lessons. The children also learned to obey their parents and live in God’s way.

Malsa was one of 138 children who attended, and the program deeply moved her. As she listened to the teachers talk about Christ’s love, she felt a peace she hadn’t felt since leaving her mother and brother.

“I know how much Jesus loves me now,” Malsa said. “Jesus is with me even though my parents are not with me.”

Malsa’s grandmother praised God when she heard these words. Now the joy in Malsa’s life is as clear as the smile on her face, and the sixth grader hopes one day to be a good singer for the Lord.

Learn more about how Bridge of Hope works in the lives of children like Malsa.

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