Praying for Healing and Paying the Bills

Bridge of Hope boy prayingMahaj had always encouraged his son, Chahel, to work hard at his education, but as hard as Mahaj worked at his own job, the bills always exceeded his wages. With his wife, Faria, often sick and the local government not providing free education, poverty was a way of life.

When Mahaj heard about Bridge of Hope, he enrolled his son, and the center took care of Chahel’s basic needs, including education costs. Chahel began to thrive at school just as Mahaj had always wished—but Faria’s health still strained the family’s resources.

As a daily wage laborer, Mahaj could hardly afford treatment for Faria’s regular bouts of illness. Then Faria became paralyzed, and paying for good care became impossible.

One day, Chahel told his teachers at Bridge of Hope about his mother. He had been learning about the power of prayer, and he asked if the staff would lift up Faria for healing.

Not only did the staff agree to Chahel’s request, but they also gave their own money to help send Faria to a good hospital. The Bridge of Hope director’s wife went with Faria, too, spending three days taking care of the woman. Meanwhile, the staff and Chahel’s classmates continued to pray for healing.

Over time, feeling returned to Faria’s legs, and she began to walk again. Seeing how powerfully God had worked, the whole family decided to follow Him and trust that He will continue to provide.

See how God used the prayers of Bridge of Hope students to heal one of their classmates.

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