No Longer Standing Alone

Little boy in Bridge of HopeAvaneesh would rather spend his time with another woman than with his wife and their child. When he was home, he was intoxicated and didn’t seem to remember that his wife, Jerusha, and their son, Somdev, needed him. Somdev knew something was wrong after noticing his father was hardly ever home. He would ask his mother, “Why is father not staying with us?”

Heartbroken and hopeless, Jerusha could not answer. She tried over and over to give Avaneesh a reason to stay, but nothing changed. Their son was getting older and needed his father, especially so he could get enrolled in school. Yet the possibility of his father’s return seemed more impossible as the months went by, and Jerusha often thought of ending her life.

Hope Is Shown

Jerusha’s perspective changed when she overheard a conversation between some women she had never seen before and her neighbors.

They were talking about a Bridge of Hope center in a nearby village where children could receive free education, food and medical care. It was everything Somdev needed, so Jerusha asked the women visiting her village to come to her house to tell her more.

When the women, who were Gospel for Asia (GFA) Bridge of Hope staff, went and shared the love of God with her, Jerusha broke down in tears. She had never heard of such hope before. When Jerusha shared about her own life, the other women were brought to tears.

The Bridge of Hope staff immediately enrolled Somdev and began praying for him and his mother consistently. Over the next eight months, Somdev experienced joy through the provision of food and education at the Bridge of Hope center. The staff also regularly visited Jerusha, encouraging her through the Word of God and praying, confident that her husband would return.

During those long months, Avaneesh experienced loneliness and heartbreak as the woman he was having an affair with left him to marry another man, but it motivated him to return to his wife. He became a loving and caring husband and father, which left Jerusha astounded. With a peaceful attitude, Avaneesh can now be heard saying, “My wife and child are sufficient for me.”

As a family, they attend a local church, and Somdev continues his education at the Bridge of Hope center. Jerusha is so thankful for the change in her family and knows it only happened through Jesus.

“I am really grateful to the Almighty God who used Bridge of Hope project staff to save my family and lead us to Christ. I am able to stand because of Bridge of Hope,” she exclaims.

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