Merrymaking and Sharing Christ

CrowdThe streets were filled with such singing and dancing that one couldn’t find a quiet place in the entire city, and police officers were out in full force. It seemed almost everyone was taking part in the birthday party for their community’s god.

Amid the merrymaking, Gospel for Asia (GFA) missionaries share about someone else worth celebrating: Jesus Christ. Although a few rejected the missionaries’ message, most of them eagerly took information about Jesus.

One man, Taral, ran up to the team as they were passing by and asked them to pray for his son, Rahas. The boy had undergone surgery a month ago to fix a hole in his heart, and Taral wondered if the missionaries would pray for Rahas’s healing.

Despite being a follower of a traditional Asian religion, Taral said, “I know if Christians pray, it will be answered, so it is my humble plea: Pray for my son.”

Another man, a vegetable vender, was excited to receive literature because he had already attended some other Christian churches. He asked the missionaries to pray for his job.

“You are doing a good job …,” said a police officer who gladly took literature from the missionaries. “We are here today for the special protection of the people, so go and distribute to as many as possible.”

With the police officer’s encouragement, the missionaries got to share Christ’s love with many people who hadn’t heard of Him before. And as the city rejoiced over its god, believers got to rejoice over their own God’s ability to use any and every situation for His glory.

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