One Family’s Life Reached a Village

A national missionary and his growing churchIkshu had studied diligently in his medical courses to be able to heal the afflicted. Now, as he looked at his sick wife and children, he felt nothing but hopelessness.

Why is it happening? Ikshu thought. Like the many doctors and witch doctors he took his family to, Ikshu didn’t have an answer, and his chances of finding one were gradually growing slim.

Even if there had been another doctor to visit, Ikshu was running out of money. Despite his strong education, he didn’t have a job, and he couldn’t afford to both pay medical bills and feed his family for much longer.

The Message They Used to Refuse

Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Omkar had been sharing the love of Jesus in Ikshu’s village for three years. He would visit and talk with the people, but they weren’t interested in his message.

One day, however, Pastor Omkar happened to visit Ikshu’s house, and his eyes quickly turned to a woman lying in bed.

“Who is she? What happened to her?” Pastor Omkar asked.

When Ikshu explained that the woman was his wife and shared the family’s miserable tale, Pastor Omkar encouraged them from the Bible and prayed for healing. He also gave them a New Testament to read on their own. The next time he visited, the family was so moved by God’s Word that they decided to follow Christ.

Soon, Ikshu’s life began to change. His wife and children were healed of their illnesses, and God made a way for Ikshu to use his degree by opening his own medical clinic. Seeing the transformation, other people in the village became interested in Jesus and embraced Him, too.

Now, when Pastor Omkar visits the village, people are excited to hear what he has to say. Twelve people currently gather regularly in Ikshu’s home for worship services. Pastor Omkar prays that one day soon, the fellowship will be large enough to construct a church building and that everyone in the village will know the healing and hope of Jesus Christ.

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