No Reason to Quit, No Reason to Return

Church building constructionAfter years of holding prayer meetings in his house, Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Chitral and his congregation were getting a church building, and with the Lord’s help, they had hired one of the best construction engineers in the city to work on it.

Ihit was famous for his quick, quality work. Every project he put his hand to was a success, and as far as Pastor Chitral could tell, the church building would be no exception—until Ihit suddenly pulled out of the project.

Weeks into construction, Ihit refused to say why he was quitting, only that he couldn’t continue. Pastor Chitral knew the engineer had faced pressure from religious radicals, and he tried to convince Ihit not to give in, but it was no use. Ihit left.

A Sudden Change of Heart

With Ihit gone, the contractor and construction workers continued on their own, but Pastor Chitral was still concerned about the engineer. He told his leaders about the situation, and together, they began to pray.

One day, as suddenly as he had quit, Ihit called and invited Pastor Chitral to his office. When the pastor arrived, Ihit excitedly greeted him and apologized for deserting the project.

“I behaved foolishly toward the work of the holy place. I am really sorry for that,” Ihit said. “Now I will stand alongside this work until the completion.”

Pastor Chitral was astonished, but he knew God had answered his prayers. The next day, Ihit returned to the construction site, this time committed to finishing the project and showing genuine interest in the church.

Pastor Chitral prays that one day his new friend will not just build churches but will call one home.

God works through church buildings in many unexpected ways. Learn how you can pray for them.

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