Breaking the Status Quo Didn’t Work

Prayed for by a Bible College studentAs a newly married farmer who faithfully worshiped traditional Asian gods, Sahaj wasn’t one to challenge the status quo—until he had his baby boy.

Wali was born with some kind of defect, and Sahaj and his wife, Udichi, knew the infant needed more than the typical trip to a witch doctor. They took Wali to the hospital often, but the medical doctors couldn’t help him either.

As the boy’s condition worsened, Sahaj and Udichi grew hopeless. They had broken with tradition, and still their only child suffered.

One day, Sahaj met Lalitkishore, a Gospel for Asia (GFA) Bible college student who was home for summer vacation. As the men talked, Sahaj shared his heartache. He had always hated Christians, but as Lalitkishore spoke of the Good News and Jesus’ healing power, Sahaj listened.

Over the summer, Lalitkishore started a prayer fellowship in his home. One night, Sahaj came with his family and asked for prayer for Wali. That night, Sahaj and Udichi went home with hope.

Soon, Wali’s health began to improve, and his parents felt incredible peace. Today, Sahaj and Udichi attend a local church led by a Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor, and they hope to follow Jesus for the rest of their lives.

Like Lalitkishore, all GFA Bible college students begin their ministry before they graduate. Learn more about their experiences.

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