Full Healing and a Sturdy Ceiling

A temporary church buildingKalith and his forefathers had a deal: He worshiped them with sacrifices of goats, pigs and chickens, and they kept him from harm. So when Kalith started experiencing severe stomach pain, he couldn’t figure out why his forefathers didn’t heal him.

Kalith and his family performed the regular rituals and sacrifices as he tried medicine after medicine, but the illness continued for three years. It wasn’t until Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Oojam asked to pray for Kalith that things began to look up.

“I tried everything to get healing, but nothing is working in me,” Kalith told the pastor. “Pray, and if your God answers your prayer and heals me, I will [follow] Him.”

A week later, through Pastor Oojam’s prayers, Kalith was healed, and his neighbors took notice. Kalith, his wife and two other couples became the first believers in the village, and others quickly joined them.

The new congregation built a temporary church building to meet in, but even that didn’t have enough room for the growing fellowship. The building wasn’t strong enough for the local weather, either. The building’s thatched roof leaked all through monsoon season.

Knowing they didn’t have the resources for a bigger and stronger church building, the believers began to fast and pray, asking God to provide. Just as He had provided healing for Kalith, He gave the believers exactly what they asked for.

Through financial gifts from fellow believers around the world, the fellowship established the structure they had been waiting for. Now, 65 believers regularly worship God in the spacious, dry church. Six people interested in knowing more about the Lord also join them.

“God has answered our prayers,” the believers say, “and we are blessed with a new church building where we can worship God comfortably.”

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