Bound with Ropes Until Christ Set Him Free

National missionary praying for healingNirav awoke in a cold sweat, only to find himself bound. This was not the first time he had been kept in a room like this, isolated and unable to escape, but it had not always been this way.

Nirav had once lived a fairly normal, contented life. His parents were devout followers of the region’s traditional religion, and though they had relatives who were followers of Christ, they were dedicated to their faith.

Over time, however, Nirav developed a mental illness. It caused him to run away from his home and stay in the jungle, sometimes for days. Nirav’s parents decided to bind him with ropes to keep him under control, but he continued acting strangely, and he stopped talking with his parents.

Sent to a Mental Hospital

Nirav’s parents sent him to a mental hospital for treatment, and over the course of six months his condition improved noticeably. The doctors declared him well and sent him home.

Nirav’s family was delighted to see him in his right mind, and it looked as though life might return to normal. Only a few days after his return, however, Nirav began behaving strangely again. Then it was even worse than before.

Nirav refused to speak to anyone, and if someone tried to force him to talk, he would beat them. The situation grew so bad that his parents began binding him again.

It was during this time that one of Nirav’s relatives, Ehan, visited the family. Ehan was very sad to see Nirav’s condition and asked his parents why they bound him. They explained how the problem had escalated ever since the illness first appeared.

Ehan, who was a Christian, shared with them about the miraculous power of Jesus and how He had healed many sick people. He assured them that if they would take Nirav to a church for prayer, God would heal him.

Family Prays for Healing

Desperate for their son to be healed, Nirav’s parents did as Ehan suggested and took him to the church led by Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Manas. Pastor Manas and all the believers at the church prayed for Nirav’s healing. After service, the pastor met with the family and shared the Good News of Jesus’ love with them, assuring them of God’s ability to heal.

As Manas shared these things with them, Nirav’s parents were greatly encouraged and began to feel hope again. When they reached home, they had a special prayer meeting with the pastor and some believers to pray for Nirav’s healing.

As they were praying, Nirav started speaking to them. This gave them great faith in Christ, and they began praying continually. As a result of their persistent prayers, Nirav was at long last healed entirely.

Nirav and his family are now believers in Christ and regularly attend church services. They are truly happy again, more than ever before.

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