The House that Couldn’t Sleep

Bible college studentsVadin cried out as the pain set in again. His right foot was paralyzed, and the 50-year-old farmer suffered from an acute chest pain and severe headaches. He had no relief for more than a year, and it seemed as if his condition would never improve.

No Treatment Found

Although Vadin went to the hospital, no treatment could heal him. The pain grew so bad that no one in the house could sleep at night, kept awake by Vadin’s frequent calls for help. Eventually his wife and five children lost all hope for his healing.

When Gospel for Asia (GFA) Bible college students Ura and Lochana saw Vadin’s situation one day, they stopped and prayed for him and encouraged his family from the Word of God. They visited the family regularly after that, sharing the love of Christ and continuing to pray.

Through their prayers, Vadin’s health began to improve visibly. He no longer suffered from pain and headaches, and the entire family began to sleep peacefully again.

The Love of Christ

Recognizing the hand of Christ in these things, Vadin listened to what Ura and Lochana told him about God. Eventually, he and his family put their trust in Christ for healing and for the rest of their lives.

Now Vadin and his family are growing in their newfound faith. Although he is not fully healed and cannot attend church services, he has found peace in Jesus’ love. To accommodate his condition, a prayer fellowship is conducted regularly in his home.

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