A Spiritual Touch Changed His Life … Twice

Silhouette Man Praying - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanJohan trudged through the jungle, collecting leaves to make curry for his wife and children, when he felt something touch him—a touch from spirits.

After eating dinner with his family that night, Johan went to bed, but very early the next morning he awoke—shaking his head uncontrollably, bewitched by evil spirits. He began practicing sorcery that day.

Johan could see other evil spirits and speak with the gods he worshiped. The spirits gave Johan power to temporarily deliver people from various sicknesses and to give sickness to others. He would also offer animal sacrifices on behalf of all the people in his village.

But when Johan became ill, he was suddenly faced with the struggle of needing healing himself. Johan lost part of his vision along with experiencing a fever and diarrhea.

His wife, Damini, asked Johan’s sorcerer friends to come and heal him. Yet his condition only worsened. Damini decided it was time to take Johan to the nearest hospital, which meant traveling for over 30 miles, but the doctors had no cure for him.

For over a month, Johan was unable to get out of bed. Finally, Damini and Johan decided to go to the local church, led by a Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor, and seek prayer.

Once the couple arrived, the believers welcomed them into the church and began praying fervently for Johan. In that moment, Johan was relieved of his sickness and got up from the bed.

Johan knew that it was a touch from God that healed him, so he turned from the lifestyle of a sorcerer and joyfully received the Holy Spirit.

Despite still feeling attacked, he shares that he “depends on the strength of the Lord Jesus.” Johan now prays for others to be truly healed from sickness in Jesus’ name.

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