‘My Call Is Different’

Student reads in Bible CollegeNaham Gupta didn’t know much about the Bible, but he knew he had a unique calling and couldn’t ignore it. He decided to move his family from their village so he could attend Bible college. He was determined to learn and later return to his village to share Jesus Christ with others.

His friends, knowing his lack of Bible knowledge, discouraged him, saying, “Leave the Bible college, and do some other job that will be good for you and [your] family since you don’t know anything.”

But that didn’t deter Naham from going to college.

“My call is different from others,” Naham responded, “I know my weakness, but still I will not lose my passion.”

He chose to take on the challenge to read the Bible every day and study well. On the weekends, while students went out shopping, Naham returned to his village to share of love of God.

For all his efforts, Naham’s old neighbors usually met him with insults.

“You are just a student,” they would remark. “Please stop visiting us and sharing the Gospel.”

Naham didn’t let this affect his decision. He continued to visit with them and share with anyone who would listen.

Visits His Village Each Week

As Naham continued to grow in the understanding of the Bible, he started to pray for those who were sick and suffering from other troubles in his village. He also began gathering children together to teach them songs, skits, numbers and the alphabet.

As Naham spent time with the kids, their parents noticed a change.

One day, all the parents met together to talk about Naham’s influence on their children. They decided it was good to have him teaching their kids, so they approached him with the request to regularly come to the village. With excitement in his eyes, he agreed to teach the children. Additionally, Naham taught the kids Bible verses and shared about the love of Jesus.

Naham may have just been a student, but his desire to love his neighbors and care for the children touched their hearts. This has made a way for a small fellowship of 21 believers to form in this village.

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