Calling on a Dead Man

Gospel literatureAfter five years of typhoid, the magician on a TV commercial seemed as good a bet as any for healing. Seva had seen multiple doctors, but tests didn’t even show that she was sick, so Seva and her family paid the magician’s fee. Unfortunately, he couldn’t cure the typhoid either.

Seva turned to her father-in-law, Raivath, who was a witch doctor. He was long dead and buried, but that didn’t stop Seva or her family from seeking his help.

“There was a shrine in our house,” Seva said. “We had buried my husband’s father’s body in the shrine, where we used to pour oil to worship the spirits.”

Raivath’s pupil had told the family that the dead witch doctor wanted religious services from them. But even after worshiping him without fail, Seva’s typhoid didn’t go away.

“Our condition turned worse,” Seva said, “and we were very afraid. … There was no relief. I thought that there was no god at all.”

One Person Left for Deliverance

In the midst of Seva’s trouble, some people gave her a booklet about Jesus Christ, and despite her doubts, she eagerly read it.

“I believed that now there is only one person left who can give us deliverance, [the One] mentioned in the tract,” Seva said. “A little ray of hope came to our hearts.”

The booklet had a phone number, and when Seva and her family called it, Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Harsukh answered. Seva and her family shared all their problems over the phone, and Pastor Harsukh prayed for them and invited them to church.

During the service, Seva began acting strangely and screaming, as if being attacked by an evil spirit. Still, the family diligently returned to church week after week.

“As our faith increased, our problems began to decrease,” Seva said. “We conducted prayer meetings at our home. God’s servant earnestly prayed for me, and I was delivered completely.”

Seva’s family destroyed the shrine in their house and exhumed Seva’s father-in-law. They no longer look to ancestral spirits or TV magicians for rescue but have put their full trust in Jesus Christ.

“Now we are happy in the Lord,” Seva said. “Please pray that we will grow in the Lord.”

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