“Jesus Christ Is Surely the Lord”

Pastor sharing with a family - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanWhen Tarakesh Gurung returned after working in a distant city for eight years, great happiness filled his home as he reunited with his wife, Mila, and their three children. But it was short-lived; they soon began arguing over the family’s finances. While Tarakesh was away, he sent his wife the money she needed to care for their children. Where did it all go?

Tarakesh accused Mila of squandering his hard-earned money on an affair with another man. The accusation seeped into Mila’s heart like venom. She insisted she had always used the money to send their children to school, to buy food and clothing and to maintain their home. There just wasn’t enough.

But Tarakesh would not listen. Frustrated, Mila walked out, taking their children to her brother’s home.

During this time, Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Sushant Himanshu noticed Tarakesh.

“I felt something inside me when I saw him, and I thought that maybe the Lord Jesus Christ wanted me to speak with him,” Pastor Sushant said. “I simply started talking with him about ordinary things, and he told me about what was happening in his life.”

Pastor Sushant could sense Tarakesh was panicked as he shared his problems.

“Everything is finished,” Tarakesh said. “Now, there is no one to save me from this situation.”

But Pastor Sushant knew there was One who wanted to save him and their marriage.

“Believe in Jesus Christ, and He will turn everything into good,” the pastor assured him. “Do you really believe that your wife did that kind of horrible thing in your absence? … Spit out your anger, and believe in Jesus Christ. He will forgive you and help you bring your wife and children together again.”

Tarakesh listened silently; his head lowered as he absorbed the pastor’s words. When he looked up, Pastor Sushant saw tears in his eyes.

“Thank you, brother; thank you very much for your kind advice,” Tarakesh responded. “Your words have saved me from doing bad.”

Together Once More

The following week, Tarakesh came to a worship service. His wife and their three children stood by his side.

“I do not know much about Jesus Christ,” Mila told Pastor Sushant, “But I know only one thing: Jesus Christ is surely the Lord who saved my husband. He also saved me and my children.”

As a result of their reunited family, many of their relatives also were touched by God’s love and chose to follow Jesus.

See how more families, like Tarakesh and Mila’s, are experiencing Christ’s restoration through a pastor’s love and care.

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