All of His Plans Failed Him

A national missionary shared Christ with himEver since Ojas started his own business of renting tents, he had met with constant failure and disappointment.

In order for Ojas to start a business he had to get a loan from moneylenders. When the business met with little success, interest began racking up. It was not long before he was in deep debt.

No Peace

The moneylenders came after Ojas, threatening to take away both his business and his home if he would not pay them back.

Ojas and Rekha prayed faithfully to their gods and visited many temples and witch doctors, but they could find nothing that would help their situation. They began fighting with each other during this crisis, creating more upheaval in their lives.

Ojas and Rekha became so depressed they planned to commit suicide on several occasions. The only thing that prevented them from carrying out their intentions was the timely intervention of others who discovered their plans.

One day Ojas’ neighbor suggested he go to Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Hiral’s church to meet the pastor and ask for prayer. Ojas’ curiosity was piqued, for it seemed as though he had tried everything to improve his circumstances, yet all had failed. Would this prayer be any different?

Jesus Has the Power to Save

When Ojas met with Pastor Hiral and explained his situation, Pastor Hiral told him that there is One, Jesus, who can fix any crisis. He prayed for Ojas and offered him a New Testament so he could learn more about Jesus.

Pastor Hiral visited Ojas’ home to continue praying for him and also share the Good News of Jesus’ love with his wife, Rekha. He invited them to come to his church, and they accepted.

After a time, Ojas and Rekha decided to trust Jesus for all their needs. Through their faith and the prayers of their church members, God began to bless them.

It was not long before Ojas’ overlooked business began to thrive. As the money flowed in, he was able to pay off much of his loan and expand his business as well.

Seeing God’s hand in their lives, Ojas and Rekha quit fighting, finding peace in Jesus. Even when their relatives opposed them for their new faith, they were able to witness to Christ’s power through their own example.

Ojas’ and Rekha’s lives were completely turned around by the love of Jesus. Learn more about the national missionaries who reach out to people like them.

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