A Hole in Her Heart

Woman healed now worships Jesus - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanNo matter the size, a hole in one’s heart will always bring struggles. Manisha knew this all too well. She endured fatigue from simple day-to-day tasks and caring for her two sons. Her husband, Dilip, was home only a couple days a week because he transported goods to distant villages. That left Manisha to bear the brunt of the responsibility at home, as well as make sure she made it to the medical clinic for treatment.

One day, Manisha received news that her husband had been involved in a major vehicular accident. Blamed for the collision, he had been sent to jail. Manisha’s weak heart couldn’t handle the shock of the news. She collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

During this time, Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Nishant made visits around the hospital, offering encouragement to patients. When he met Manisha, he shared the Word of God with her and gave her a booklet to read. Despite how sick she was, Manisha listened intently, even asking the pastor to pray for her husband’s release from jail.

The very next day, Manisha’s heart filled with joy as she watched Dilip walk through her hospital room doors. He had been released from jail, and she knew the reason why. Manisha explained to her husband how the pastor prayed for his release.

Three days later, the doctors discharged Manisha from the hospital. She returned home with her family and began going to the church with the full confidence that Jesus would heal her. Yet her husband refused to go. If God healed her, then he would trust in Him.

A Healed Heart Makes a Family Whole

When five months had passed, Manisha returned to the hospital for a checkup. To the doctor’s surprise there was no longer a hole in her heart. Manisha knew it was only Jesus who had healed her, and she quickly shared the news with her husband.

Seeing how Jesus had healed his wife, Dilip began attending church and decided to follow Jesus.

“Now, I have no fear like before,” Dilip says, “since I know our Lord Jesus is taking care of our family. He is the head of our family. We have decided to live for Him.”

Just as Manisha’s family was transformed, see how Rajen’s family was impacted by God’s healing touch.

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