The True God and Other ‘Unnecessary Thoughts’

Women in church - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanLife is complicated, Chameli told herself again. Why should I entertain unnecessary thoughts?

But ever since the 16-year-old had heard about Jesus at the Bridge of Hope center she attended; she couldn’t stop thinking about her neighbors’ religious practices.

If there are many gods, which one is the true God? Why do some members of the community forsake their own people’s god to worship the Christian God?

Chameli was too afraid to ask anyone. Her parents would be annoyed at such questions, and her sisters were devoted to their deities. Sometimes, a Gospel for Asia (GFA) woman missionary named Bahuratna visited the house, but even then, the presence of Chameli’s parents and sisters held back the curious teenager.

An Enviable Faith

One day, Bahuratna came to visit while Chameli’s parents and older sister were away. As the two began to talk, Chameli gradually poured out her doubts and questions. Bahuratna answered by sharing the Good News of Jesus. She even told a bit of her own testimony.

Chameli envied the missionary’s deep faith. When Bahuratna told her anyone could attend church, Chameli became excited. Bahuratna explained to her that the more time she spent with believers, the more she would learn about Christ’s unfathomable love.

Chameli began attending church, spending time with Bahuratna and reading the Bible regularly. She sought God’s Word for answers in every situation and saw how it transformed her life. Gradually, she came to realize how much she needed Christ’s love.

Grace She Couldn’t Ignore

Chameli’s parents confronted her when she decided to follow Jesus, but the teenager firmly told them, “I cannot ignore His grace.”

Since embracing the Lord, Chameli hasn’t missed a single church service, and as she grows in her faith, she prays that her family will also come to know why their daughter and neighbors follow the Christian God.

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