Five Years Without Saying a Word

Girl healed through prayers of national missionary - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanIn South Asia, turning 5 years old can be a milestone: Some kids go to school and make new friends while others start their first job to help support their families. By the time Tanushri turned 5, her parents were desperate for far simpler accomplishments.

Emaciated and weak, Tanushri couldn’t walk, eat or speak by herself. She spent most of her time crying.

Tanushri’s parents, Kalash and Vaishali, took their daughter to hospitals and village sorcerers, spending large portions of Kalash’s carpentry salary on medicines and religious rituals.

One day, a friend told Vaishali to take Tanushri to church, assuring her that Jesus could heal through prayer. Kalash had no more faith in the Christians’ God than he did in his daughter’s failed treatments, but Vaishali was convinced.

She brought Tanushri to a service and told Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Ilamporai about Tanushri’s illness. In response, Pastor Ilamporai and the entire congregation began to pray.

An Offer Not Refused

After the prayer, Pastor Ilamporai shared the Good News with Vaishali and invited her to come to church. He also told her he would come to her house for prayer any time she asked—and Vaishali took him up on the offer.

As Pastor Ilamporai began regularly visiting with and praying for the family, Vaishali opened her heart to Jesus Christ. Tanushri’s health even improved.

To Kalash’s surprise, he watched as Tanushri stopped crying and gradually began eating, playing and sleeping well. She even started talking. Kalash knew he could only thank the Lord for Tanushri’s healing, and he joined Vaishali in her decision to follow Christ.

Through Vaishali and Kalash’s testimony, their neighbors and relatives are starting to believe in Jesus, too. Now, as each one asks for more information, Pastor Ilamporai has ample opportunity to share Christ’s love and see others reach the milestone of knowing the Lord.

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