Remote Village Now Growing in God’s Love

Women reading Bibles - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanFor countless years, the men and women of a rural village in Asia worshiped the traditional gods and goddesses of their religion. Day and night, the villagers prayed to their deities, not knowing any other way of life.

One day a man came to share about the God of the Bible, whom the men and women had never heard of before. When Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported missionary Amolik explained the Good News of Jesus, some of the villagers’ hearts were stirred and they wanted to know more. After three months, Amolik started a fellowship with seven new believers.

The new church grew over the next year. However, several of the women in the church struggled to grow in their relationship with Christ because they had never learned to read or write. How would they ever be able to learn from the Bible on their own if they could not understand it?

Woman Missionary Teaches Literacy Classes

Around this time, Liarae, a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported woman missionary, came to teach the women of the community about the Lord and hold a literacy class in the church. The women were delighted with the way Liarae explained things and they loved learning how to read and write. After being taught by Liarae, the ladies took part in weekly worship services, and they were also interested in participating in the church’s Women’s Fellowship.

When Liarae gave each of the women a New Testament for Christmas, they received the gift with deep gratitude to God for their missionary friend who taught them to read God’s Word and walk closely with Him.

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