Wasted Time and Money

Man working in the fieldsChandragupt was committed to following whatever instructions the witch doctor gave him for healing. For 10 years, he struggled with back pain that had crippled his walk and made it difficult to breathe. He often called the witch doctor, whom he believed would bring him healing, all the while carefully following the religion of his forefathers, offering sacrifice after sacrifice of hens, goats and cows. Chandragupt even donated money to get his gods’ attention.

When that didn’t work, he traveled to a doctor where he received many treatments. But still Chandragupt’s health didn’t change. When Chandragupt thought about his situation, he became discouraged. He realized all his efforts were a waste of time as his health became even worse.

When Chandragupt met Mitali, a woman missionary, his face drooped with weariness as he shared about his problems. She responded with the Good News, shared some literature with him and prayed for his healing.

His New Start

Two days later, Chandragupt’s health began to improve as a result of Mitali’s prayers. The following week, Chandragupt was completely healed.

“It was just like a dream for me to regain my health back,” Chandragupt said. “I want to thank God for His divine healing in my life. Now I came to know there is no one except Jesus Christ who can heal any sickness. At any cost, I will serve this God who is the God of healing and possibility.”

Just as Chandragupt’s faith was established by Mitali’s prayers, find out how many more are being reached by specially trained women missionaries.

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