Children of Forgotten Slum Now Have Hope

New Bridge of Hope center - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanIn a village where the only lifestyle children knew of was laboring for their daily needs, the children never thought of going to school. Two thousand families live here on barren land owned by the government and struggle to make ends meet, while alcoholism consumes the people.

“Nobody cares about the children of this village,” said a local field correspondent. “They are poor and destitute.”

But for about five years, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Ramra has visited this village and recognized their dire condition.

“I have a great burden for this village,” Ramra said. “It was my prayer for a long time to educate the unschooled children of this village.”

When a new Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Bridge of Hope center opened in this village Pastor Ramra praised God.

“Now, my dream came true,” he said, “and I am really thankful to God.”

Since opening, the center has begun to transform families.

Father ‘Never Thought Such Goodness Would Come’

Nirupam, a father of one child enrolled in Bridge of Hope, said, “I am greatly thankful to the work of Christians. My village is remote and distant from developed areas. The name ‘Bridge of Hope’ itself reminds me to hope for my village. I am sure the poverty will vanish away very soon from my village.”

Another father, Shiwal, used to spend his money on alcohol and left the needs of his five children entirely on his wife’s shoulders.

“I want my children to grow well,” Shiwal said. “I wasted my best time in life, and now I am helpless. But this center gave me a new hope for my children.”

More than 300 people came with their children to the inauguration ceremony of the Bridge of Hope center.

“The social activity of Gospel for Asia (GFA) is highly appreciated,” said a municipal board member for the village. “There hasn’t been anyone who is concerned about this slum area so far … It is a real hope for the children in this village.”

Additionally, a local political leader shared her thanks.

“I have never seen the women of this village encourage their children to go to school, rather they try to earn money by sending them to work,” she said. “I am really happy to see a social network coming up to this level of taking care of the future of children. I want to see 80 percent of the girls going to school through the center.”

Through this new Bridge of Hope center, Abhik, father of one child enrolled in the center, said, “I am 100 percent sure of better lives for our children. I have never thought such goodness would come to our village. This only can be possible through Christians. The love of Christians is great. My children are also going to become well prepared for their future. I am overwhelmed with their concern for us.”

Now, the center has 83 children enrolled and continues to serve as a beacon of hope for the village.

Find out how more Bridge of Hope centers, like the one in this village, are impacting the lives of children.

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  1. Polarbear

    What a beautiful testimony of Christian love in action!
    Praise the Lord!

  2. Christina

    I have a heart for Indian kids.i want come do puppet shows and see the impact these centres r on kids.i want support this mission to help kids.i dated a indian nine months after he returned to india i read a book no longer a slum dog bringing hope to children in crisis.
    God calls me to india to help.i want come end of year.learning Hindi to prepare myself.I’m studying childcare after my studies i come.Christina.

  3. Esther

    I bless the name of Most High God for Gospel for Asia, what you are doing is the heart bit of the Lord..
    May the Lord continue to uphold your ministry, the Lord will make your fruit to abide to His glory in Jesus name. I and my husband do pray for you always, we have children that we sponsor in Bridge of Hope. You will see the travail of your soul on all of them. Well done, you people are doing great explore for the Lord and I pray you will not lose your reward in Jesus name.

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