The First Seed of Good News

Pastor praying for Jesus WellThe drill bore deeper and deeper into the earth, looking to strike pure, fresh water—water Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Samuel’s village needed desperately. All the water sources were far away, and every one of them was contaminated, leaving the children who drank from them with stomach pains and other illnesses.

But the villagers didn’t want any Christian help, even if it was for the betterment of their community and especially their health. Strong in their traditional religion, they had taken an oath that no Christian activities would be allowed in their area—that included installing the Jesus Well Pastor Samuel had requested.

Twice, the work was put on hold, and this time it was the very ground going against them.

As the drill burrowed into the earth, it struck a stone. Pastor Samuel wasn’t sure what to do. Drilling through the stone could cost more money than was available within their budget. That would mean the Jesus Well wouldn’t be completed—and people would mock the ministry and the name of God.

So Pastor Samuel rallied the believers together to pray. He then decided the best thing to do was drill through the stone and trust God to complete the project. Two months later, the village finally had clean water to drink, cook with and bathe in. More than that, the Jesus Well now stands as physical proof of the Living God’s goodness and provision for His people.

“This Jesus Well is the first seed of the Good News for this land,” Pastor Samuel said. “We are able to sow a seed of the Good News in this place. Local people may oppose Jesus, but they’ll read the Bible verses that are written on the Jesus Well.”

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