Searching for the God She Read About

woman reading literature - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanUditi had dreams of an education and a solid income, but she couldn’t get either in her village. The small mountain community was one of the most remote in the region. It had no schools and no roads that might have led to one.

Like most people, Uditi’s parents worked as farmers, but they didn’t earn enough to meet Uditi’s needs. At 17 years old, she left the village to make her own way in the world.

Even away from home, Uditi held to her family’s religious beliefs. Her parents had taught her to worship their traditional deities every day and follow certain practices to earn the gods’ favor. But when a Christian missionary visited her workplace one day, Uditi listened to what he had to say.

As Uditi loaded stones onto a truck, the missionary shared from the Bible and offered the teenager some literature about Jesus Christ. Uditi took the literature home and began reading it every evening.

The more Uditi came to understand about Jesus, the hungrier she grew to know more. She couldn’t find the missionary she had first talked to, so she began looking for anyone who could talk to her about Christ.

A Second Chance to Hear

A little while later, on her way to the market, Uditi saw a man sharing from the Bible and giving people the same kind of literature, she had been reading each night.

“Are you a follower of Jesus?” Uditi asked.

“Yes, I am,” the man said. “I am a pastor. How can I help you?”

Seizing her chance, Uditi responded, “I want to know more about Jesus because I love Him.”

The pastor was a Gospel for Asia (GFA) missionary named Ilandevan, and he gladly told Uditi about the God she had been seeking.

Soon, the young woman was regularly attending Pastor Ilandevan’s church services. Her love for Jesus began to deepen, and she decided to fully embrace His salvation.

‘Because I Love Him’

Since her decision, Uditi has told many people about Jesus Christ—including the family she had to leave.

“My family members are very strong in what they believe, but they never opposed me when I shared,” Uditi said.

She prays the Word of God will penetrate their hearts and move each one to boldly declare they love Him, too.

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