Counting Her Days

pastor prays for healing Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanKalpana just could not understand why her skin felt as though it were burning. It was unbearable. The only time relief came was when she was sitting in a water tank, yet she often suffered from a cold because of being in the water so often.

Kalpana’s husband and children witnessed her suffering. They could remember enjoying an easy life not long before. Now that Kalpana was ill—and getting worse after her fingers and toes strangely started to bleed—they tried taking her to witch doctors. Her condition, however, remained unchanged from the witch doctors’ efforts.

For four long years, Kalpana’s life included large amounts of medicine from hospitals, which she believed could bring healing. But still nothing changed. The entire family sank into hopelessness and Kalpana simply counted down her days of life.

When a neighbor shared Kalpana’s struggles with a Gospel for Asia (GFA) Women’s Fellowship team, they visited her home, but Kalpana turned them away because she didn’t know them. A few days later, the women returned with Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Palin, whom Kalpana knew. Accepting their prayers, Kalpana began to feel relieved.

Kalpana’s husband, confident in Jesus’ healing power, called Pastor Palin and the Women’s Fellowship team the next day and asked them to pray once more for his wife. Pastor Palin and the Women’s Fellowship visited Kalpana and fasted one day in prayer for her. As a result, God miraculously healed Kalpana, and she opened her heart to Jesus.

Kalpana’s entire family thanks God for how He healed her. Kalpana is now a part of Women’s Fellowship and praises God for her life.

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