Just As the Children Come

kids raise hands in song - Gospel for Asia - KP Yohannan“My son, live among the people and share the Good News with them.” Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Sartaj heard the Lord speak those words to him very clearly.

Many times when Pastor Sartaj returned home from ministry, he saw the literature he had given out crumpled on the ground, and his heart broke for the people who hadn’t opened their hearts to God’s love.

How can I help the people understand the importance of God’s Word? Pastor Sartaj wondered.

That’s when the Lord told him to move in with the villagers he was trying to reach. Obeying God’s command, Pastor Sartaj traveled more than 30 miles to a neighboring village the following day. He met Venya and asked to stay with his family for a day.

That night, Pastor Sartaj began to pray in the room and worship the Lord. But Sartaj knew the Lord had told him to spend more than just a day with the villagers, so he asked if he could stay for another three days, willing to pay Venya for the expenses of food and living. At this, he allowed Sartaj to stay.

Pastor Sartaj then began to gather the village children together and teach them songs. With much joy, the children sang along, and this drew many of the parents’ attention. As Pastor Sartaj continued to teach the children, the Lord gave him opportunities to share the Good News with those who gathered around.

Meanwhile, Venya witnessed the Pastor’s love for the children and welcomed Pastor Sartaj to stay as long as he wanted.

“That moment, I praised God for being with me in the ministry,” Sartaj recalled.

Pastor’s Life Revealed Truth

Pastor Sartaj continued to gather the children together each day and taught them Scripture and action songs. He also had the chance to meet with several families in the village throughout the day, explaining the truth of Jesus.

After 10 days of having Pastor Sartaj stay with him, Venya saw the truth in his life and decided to open his heart to Jesus. With their new joy in Christ, he and his family began worshipping the living God.

The simple and immediate obedience of Pastor Sartaj has made an eternal impact on this village that otherwise may not have known of God’s love.

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