A Blanket to Warm Their Hearts

Winter raged outside the small home, knocking at every side and plowing through any cracks it could find. It didn’t have to look hard. A cold dread had already descended on the inhabitants of this meager dwelling, filling their hearts with apprehension and uncertainty. Inside, a 9-year-old boy lay quietly while his mother, Arushi, looked on. Her little Aayushmaan had a brain tumor, and she didn’t know what to do.

The local doctors tried to treat Aayushmaan, but to no avail. They advised Arushi and her husband, Darshak, to take him to the hospital as soon as possible—a journey of more than 100 miles in the cold.

Arushi wanted to wrap her son in a blanket or provide something warm for him to wear during the long, cold journey, but she had nothing to give him. Despite their need, Arushi felt too ashamed to ask her neighbors for help.

She didn’t know it, but help was already on the way. Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Keertan was frequently in contact with the poor people in Arushi’s village and soon found out about her family’s situation. Their plight touched his heart. Pastor Keertan prayed for their wellbeing and, through Gospel for Asia’s Christmas gift distribution, gave them a blanket.

Arushi’s heart swelled with gratitude at God’s timely intervention in her life. As the days went by, Pastor Keertan continued to visit, and their respect for him grew. They listened attentively when he shared about how much Jesus loved them. It wasn’t long before this message of hope warmed their hearts and transformed their lives for eternity.

Arushi and Darshak still face life’s harsh winters: Their work as day laborers doesn’t provide much, and Aayushmaan still has a brain tumor. But new hope burns steadily in their hearts. Through the simple gift of a blanket, they are learning to abide in Jesus and are trusting Him for a miracle in Aayushmaan’s life.


Arushi isn’t the only one whose heart has been warmed through a blanket. Find out how this simple gift transformed 50 lives in one night.

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