Watering From the Inside Out


The crops in the fields were hardly surviving, and the faint cry of suffering livestock and children could be heard throughout the village. A trickle of water flowed down from a nearby mountain. The villagers had dug into the stream’s bank, scrounging for cupfuls of water in order to survive. The summer months slipped slowly by as more livestock died and families struggled with waterborne sicknesses. It especially hit a tender spot at the center of this village where Hetal lived.

A husband and father of four, Hetal farmed the land around his house and labored elsewhere trying to provide for his family. But his health declined when his body swelled for unknown reasons, which severely limited his ability to work. He was unable to provide proper meals for his children, and they suffered for the lack. The livestock, a main source of income, soon died.

Hetal was not the only one stricken with poverty, though. The surrounding villagers knew his pain, and so did Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Siddha.

Pastor Siddha served in this area and desired to see the villagers’ needs met. When Pastor Siddha walked through the village, he watched them fight the mud for the slightest amount of water along with the well located near the village’s edge. He knew they urgently needed a pure source of water.

One day, Pastor Siddha walked toward the center of the village and approached Hetal.

“Can we drill a Jesus Well here on your property?” Pastor Siddha asked.

Hetal agreed and donated a portion of his land for the Jesus Well.

Bountiful Blessings

When the drilling began, the villagers watched curiously. Soon, the Jesus Well produced clean water, and the people’s eyes lit with joy. Hetal watched as the entire village began coming to the well regularly for clean water.

Encouraged by this gift to the village, Hetal went to Pastor Siddha and asked for prayer to be relieved from this sickness that kept his body swollen. Pastor Siddha then came to his house and shared how much Jesus loved Hetal.

Hetal, touched by this Good News, opened his heart to Jesus and experienced complete healing from his mysterious sickness—and his children were also healed!

Now the family gladly attends church regularly, and the Jesus Well remains a reminder of God’s faithfulness to Hetal and the village.

“It is God’s bountiful blessings,” Pastor Siddha shared, “that even during the summer, when most of the wells are dry from giving water, our Jesus Well has not yet dried. There is plenty of water through all the seasons. It has blessed all the villagers.”

What if you had to use muddied water similar to Hetal and his village?

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