Blessings in the Night

Blessings in the NightFog lay across the streets, and temperatures were quickly dropping. Motorists were advised to avoid driving, especially during the night. Some people didn’t have a place to stay or a way to keep warm; they had no choice but to endure the extreme weather alone. With temperatures at 23 degrees Fahrenheit, work came to an end for many laborers, and a few people, forgotten in the slums, had lost their lives.

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastors Baha Udeen, Saakaar and Aalap, along with the local Women’s Fellowship leader, Baidehi, recognized the suffering in this region and planned to go out to distribute blankets to the men, women and children sleeping on the frosted streets. They found people under bridges, outside temples and near railway stations and covered them with warm, thick blankets while they spoke of Christ’s love with those who woke. They went into the slums and knocked on doors of the huts, making sure everyone received a blanket to help fight off the cold.

Maitri, a blanket recipient, opened up to the team saying no one had come to even check on those who were living on the streets, desperate for something to keep them warm.

“You people came in the night,” she said, “and I really want to thank you. God bless you.”

Each person beamed with smiles as they received their blanket on that cold, frigid night. They now had something to keep them warm—and found hope in knowing they weren’t forgotten.

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