Lambs Lift His Burdens

Lambs Lift His BurdensLalitchandra knew he needed to get up. He had to provide for his family somehow, they needed his help to get out of their poverty. But as he contemplated going to search for work, his hand started aching unbearably. He couldn’t even drag himself out of bed.

Almost overnight, Lalitchandra went from being the family’s provider to the family’s burden. An accident had shattered his hand, leaving an injury that never healed properly. It even confined him to his bed for a season, stretching the family’s finances to the breaking point and destroying any vestige of peace they had.

Lalitchandra and his wife, Hamsavahini, performed many religious rituals in an effort to find peace, healing and an end to their financial woes. But no matter what they did, poverty quietly stole security from Lalitchandra’s crippled hand.

One day, as Lalitchandra rested under a tree, Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Chandan walked by. The two men started talking, and Pastor Chandan shared about the Prince of Peace who has the power to heal the sick. Hearing about the miracles Jesus did, Lalitchandra asked the pastor to pray for his hand. Pastor Chandan prayed earnestly. However, God had something else in mind to restore Lalitchandra.

Pastor Chandan felt burdened to help Lalitchandra. Because someone gave a gift through GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog, Pastor Chandan could give Lalitchandra a pair of ewe lambs for Christmas.

Lalitchandra was stunned to receive this free gift. His family’s lives changed as they went from incredible poverty to financial stability. Filled with gratitude, Lalitchandra cared for the two young sheep tenderly, monitoring their health and feeding them attentively. Lalitchandra’s little sheep learned to recognize his voice and, at the same time, Lalitchandra learned to recognize the voice of Christ.

Within a few years, Lalitchandra’s two sheep became seven. Out of his tremendous gratitude to the Lord, he gave 6,000 rupees (about $100) to the church he and his family now attend.

These little lambs lifted the financial burden from Lalitchandra’s family and paved the way for the Lamb of God to fill their hearts with His peace.


God often answers prayer and touches hearts through the simple gift of farm animals. Take a few minutes to learn how you can pray for Christmas gifts this year.

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